Interior design tailor-made for you.

Studio Black Interiors delivers a complete end-to-end service for new builds, full home renovations, and boutique developments, assisting clients with a wide range of challenges. Our services are flexible. You can engage us for the entire scope of services, or we can customise our service offering to suit your unique needs and circumstances.


Floor plan reviews

When the design of your home is a set of architectural drawings, you have a precious window of opportunity to get it right.

Whether you’re still in the design phase or about to start construction, I can work collaboratively with you and your architect and/or building designer to review your floor plans so that every detail functions with your end goal in mind.

Subtle refinements at this stage of the process can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and the long-term value of your property.

When planning any interior space, you want it to aesthetically look good, but also be practical, functional, and conducive to everyday living.

  • Can improvements be made to the bathroom or kitchen layouts?
  • How will furniture work in the space?
  • Is there enough storage?
  • Is there good flow and access between rooms?

Small changes can make a big difference, so early planning is key. Floor plans reviews include a set of written recommendations which you can use to discuss with your architect and/or building designer.




60-minute design consultation

Studio Black’s 60-minute consultation service is designed to kickstart the design of your new home, renovation or decorating project and give you the answers you need to move forward.

This service is for those who need access to personalised design advice, or need fast and considered decisions for their home, so you can go back to your builder with the answers you need.

We use our time to work through your design questions and tackle areas that overwhelm or concern you. I offer multiple spots per week, so you can get in with me as quickly as you need.

In a 60-minute consultation we can:

  • Help refine your material selections (tiles, cabinetry, flooring, lighting etc)
  • Review joinery plans
  • Discuss products or suppliers to consider
  • Help you select the interior colours for your home if you’re repainting
  • Discuss your furniture ideas (style of furniture to select or those finishing touches needed to bring your space to life)
  • Make sure you feel confident before making any big decisions
  • Provide honest opinions on your design ideas
  • Pass on interior design knowledge and expertise to save you time and money

A 60-minute consultation will give you guidance and validation, so you feel clear and confident moving forward with your project.

This meeting can be completed via phone or video (Australia wide), in-home (Canberra and surrounding region), or in my studio.

Design consultations are purely advice-based — they do not include joinery drawings or any specific design documentation. You will however, receive follow up correspondence covering any products or suppliers discussed for your future reference.

Investment: $300 + GST

Client review: “I have been using Maria for 3 years for different parts of my project. I am in regional NSW and have no access to someone coming out to the farm, so I just save up all my questions and we have a chat about my crazy ideas! Maria has always made herself available and it has been so beneficial to have someone to run my ideas past. I have found her very professional and would definitely recommend her consultation service”. Belinda Ledingham



Interior design

Studio Black takes the guesswork out of choosing all interior finishes and fixtures for your home, from flooring to grout colors, to the pattern you lay your bathroom floor tiles. I’ll work with you to design and select all of the nitty-gritty details.

Exterior finish selections

From your roof, to your fascia and gutters, to window frames, bricks, stone and cladding, I’ll work with you to select exterior materials and their placement to create a beautiful and cohesive facade.


Interior fixture selections

With over 100 fixtures that need to be selected for a new home, fixture selection can feel overwhelming. From doors, to taps, from skirting boards to feature lighting, I meticulously source and specify every appliance, fixture, fitting, and interior component to meet your specific style and requirements. Collaborating directly with suppliers locally, nationally and from around the world, I am able to deliver tailor-made products. No architectural detail is overlooked.


Interior finish selections

The careful selection of architectural finishes is what makes your home unique. Hard finishes include items such as your main flooring, tiles, carpet, cabinetry and benchtop finishes. Careful consideration is placed on a material’s ability to perform and deliver to align with your lifestyle, needs and budget.


Joinery design

Joinery design is what infuses character into your home. From custom kitchens and bathrooms, to laundries, walk-in robes and mud rooms, I’ll work with you to create a unique and tailored design that performs as impressively as it looks. It’s those small design details that will make your home feel tailor made just for you.


Colour consultations

Choosing the perfect paint colour doesn’t have to be stressful. With the peace of mind that comes from professional guidance, we’ll work together to get your colour scheme right the first time from the exterior to the interior.


Lighting design

Lighting design is a crucial and integral component of interior design that significantly impacts the overall ambiance, functionality and aesthetics of a space. From task lighting to ambient lighting, to accent lighting, good lighting can make or break a room. Lighting should be an early consideration in the design process.


Design management

I offer continuous support throughout the construction process, acting as a consultant for the builder and various trades involved in the project. I am committed to being by your side every step of the way.



Furniture specification

Decorating your home whether it’s a new build, or the home you’ve lived in for many years can often be a daunting task. So many of my clients share the same initial decorating dilemmas and often after a weekend of looking at furniture, it all just gets to overwhelming.

I get it, it can be stressful, so let me work with you to find and select furniture, rugs, artwork and accessories, to create sophisticated and timeless spaces you love to come home to. Our decorating service includes detailed floorplans with furniture layouts, furniture, fabric and colour specification, procurement and styling of the pieces in your home.



Our design process

If you’ve never worked with an interior design studio before, you might be wondering what the design process is like. Collaboration is always at the centre of how I work with clients. Here’s how we can get started together:

Step 1
Discovery call

The process begins with a free 30 minute discovery call. This will allow us to chat about your project and make sure my services are right for you. Complete the form on our  Contact Page to tell me more about your project, so we can book in a discovery call.

Step 2
Project initiation 

Consultation and proposal  –  after our discovery call, if the stars align and you feel confident to move ahead, we’ll schedule a one hour design consultation. The consultation is an opportunity to meet and ask questions. By having the opportunity to view your floor plans, and listen to your ideas and interior design objectives, I will propose the best way forward, tailoring a service for you and your budget.

After the consultation, I will prepare an in-depth scope of work that is conveyed in a design fee proposal. All work is quoted up front, so there are no surprises down the track!

The beginnings – once you have formally engaged Studio Black, your project will be scheduled into our work program. We then progress to our more in-depth “getting to know you” stage. This can often also involve discussions with your architect and builder so a detailed design brief can be developed to form the vision of your future home.

Step 3
Concept development

The next step involves exploring design concepts in response to your brief. This includes working on all the interior design drawings required for your home. I will work on the design concept for your project which involves detailed to-scale floor plans and elevations and visual references to show you what your home could look like once I’ve transformed it.

We work together to get the concept exactly how you imagined; talk you through the plan for each room and note your feedback down. This is our blueprint for how to bring your home to the next level and make it everything you dreamed it could be.

Step 4
Specification and documentation

Once we fine-tune the concept, I will start building the colour palette, collecting physical or electronic samples and working on the details of the design, such as the selection of fixtures and finishes. This is the longest part of the design process as it involves a lot of detailed work and time spent documenting the finer details. This is the point in the process where decisions need to be made. We will work collaboratively together to ensure your dream house is exactly how you imagined. I’ll then complete a full set of detailed design documentation for pricing and construction.

Step 5

Once your build is underway, I will offer continuous support throughout the construction process, acting as a consultant for the builder and various trades involved in the project. I am committed to being by your side every step of the way.  During this stage I also highly recommend we discuss working with you to select furniture, rugs, arts and accessories to bring your personality to the interior.