How do I choose the right Interior Designer for me?

The best way to know if an interior designer is right for you is to read their client testimonials, look at their work by reviewing their website (do you like their style?) and most importantly speak and meet with them!

The design process can be long (somewhat like dating), so having a good connection from day one, clicking with that person, and being on the same page, ensures a positive and happy design journey.

Why choose Studio Black Interiors for your home?

Being the sole driving force behind my practice, I am personally involved in every aspect of the design process, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. I am fully committed to guiding you through every step of the process.

I am passionate and work very hard to ensure every project exceeds your expectations, collaborating with builders, architects, tradespeople and suppliers, to bring your home to life.

From initial concepts, to final execution, I am here to guide you through all the decision-making and to manage all the details needed to bring everything together — so you can sit back and enjoy seeing the beautiful transformation.

The result: a process that unfolds seamlessly and a home that is perfectly and uniquely YOU.

At what stage should I engage you in my new build or renovation project?

It’s best to engage us as early as possible. A well-designed home takes time, so factor us in at least 3-6 months ahead of when you would like construction to start. It takes at least 12-14 weeks to complete the design process for a typical house.

To get the best possible outcome, I recommend you involve us from the floor planning stage. Getting the floor plan right is one of the most important components of the design process. Subtle refinements at this stage can have a significant impact on your lifestyle, final build cost and the long-term value of your property. I would also advise you work collaboratively with a builder at the early stages of the design process to ensure the proposed design fits within the parameters of your budget.

How long does an interior design project usually take?

The timeline for an interior design project can vary depending on the scope of the work. On average the whole process takes around 12-14 weeks for a typical home.  This includes the design consultation, design proposal, contract approval, design development and documentation and sourcing all materials and fixtures. A well-designed home takes time, so factor Studio Black Interiors in at least 3-6 months ahead of when you would like construction to start.

How do I get started on a project with Studio Black Interiors?

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out through our website contact form. I will schedule a discovery call where we can discuss your project in detail so I can work out the best design package for you.

What if I've already started my project without an interior designer? Is it too late to get help?

It’s never too late to engage Studio Black, even if you’ve already started your project. While it’s ideal to involve an interior designer from the beginning, I can assist at any stage to provide valuable design expertise.

How do you charge?

I offer tailored design packages to suit different budgets and requirements. Head over to the Contact Page to tell me more about your project and I will send you our Design Services Guide, which provides an overview of my services, prices and design approach.

After I have learnt more about your project, I will prepare a comprehensive fee proposal with a transparent breakdown of the costs involved. All work is quoted up front, so there are no surprises down the track!


Will I have input in the design process?

Absolutely! Your input is invaluable.  I believe in a collaborative approach. I will work closely with you to understand your preferences, lifestyle, and vision. I’ll incorporate your ideas and aspirations into the design to create a space that reflects your unique style and personality.

I don't have a builder, can you recommend one?

Absolutely.  I have a pool of builders that I love working with on a regular basis. Builders who are experienced, and have a proven track record in delivering high quality homes that last a lifetime. Depending on your project I will recommend the builder I feel is the right fit. Building and renovating can be stressful, and it’s important you engage a builder you feel you can work with during the process of building your home.

Do you project manage the build?

Once you have selected a builder for your renovation or new build, they are responsible for the job site and all the trades required. They are the project manager. I will undertake regular site visits as required and work with your builder to ensure the design details are executed as well as advising on any variations needed.

What if I have a limited budget for my project?

I understand that budget is a significant consideration for many of my clients. I work within a range of budgets and can offer creative solutions to achieve your desired look without compromising on quality.

What kind of documentation do you provide?

Depending on the scope of work you will receive:

  • Design concept boards – so you can visualise the overall design direction for your home.
  • Detailed drawings – including floor plans and elevations for all joinery requirements as well as furniture placement. If required, I can also organise realistic 3D renders.
  • A sample flat lay, where I will bring together all the proposed finishes that will bring your design vision to life.
  • A lighting and electrical plan.
  • Fully designed, drawn and documented plans. Plans that are going to be used by everyone working on your home.
Can you help me with selecting furniture and accessories?

Absolutely! In addition to our interior design services, we can assist you with furniture and accessory selections that complement your overall design concept.

Do you work with existing furniture and décor?

Yes, Studio Black can certainly work with your existing furniture and decor. Our goal is to create a cohesive and harmonious space that reflects your personal style. I can look at your current pieces and integrate them into the design, suggesting ways to enhance or update them if needed.

How long does an interior decorating project usually take?

The timeline for an interior decorating project can vary depending on the scope of the work. On average the whole process takes around 6-12 weeks.

What should I bring to the initial design consultation?

For the initial consultation, it’s helpful to bring any inspiration or reference materials you have gathered. This could include magazine images, Pinterest or Houzz boards, or images of spaces you admire.

It’s also beneficial to have a clear understanding of your budget, timeline, and any specific requirements you have for your project, including your ‘wish list’ and your ‘non-negotiables’.

What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating?

Interior design involves planning and designing the layout, functionality, and aesthetics of a space. It focuses on the overall design concept, including space planning, joinery design and the selection of finishes and fixtures required to build a room.

Interior decorating is the process of enhancing a space through the selection of furniture, art, rugs, décor and accessories. It’s like adding the final touches to a space that has already been designed.

Does Studio Black Interiors work outside of Canberra, Australia?

Studio Black Interior works with Canberra and NSW South Coast clients. While based in Canberra, I am open to working on projects outside of my immediate area. Please reach out, and we can discuss the specifics of your project location. 60-minute design consultations can be completed via phone or video Australia wide.