Interior design by Studio Black Interiors, Pearce Renovation, Canberra, Australia.

60-minute design consultation

Studio Black’s 60-minute consultation service is designed to kickstart the design of your new home, renovation or decorating project and give you the answers you need to move forward.

This service is for those who need access to design advice, or need fast and considered decisions for their home, so you can go back to your builder with the answers you need.

We use our time to work through your design questions and tackle areas that overwhelm or concern you. I offer multiple spots per week, so you can get in with me as quickly as you need.

In a 60-minute consultation we can:

  • Help refine your material selections (tiles, cabinetry, flooring, lighting etc.)
  • Review joinery plans
  • Discuss products or suppliers to consider
  • Help you select the interior colours for your home if you’re repainting
  • Discuss your furniture ideas (style of furniture to select or those finishing touches needed to bring your space to life)
  • Make sure you feel confident before making any big decisions
  • Provide honest opinions on your design ideas
  • Pass on interior design knowledge and expertise to save you time and money.

A 60-minute consultation will give you guidance and validation, so you feel clear and confident moving forward with your project.

This meeting can be completed via phone or video (Australia wide), in-home (Canberra and surrounding region), or in my studio.

Design consultations are purely advice-based — they do not include joinery drawings or any specific design documentation. You will however, receive follow up correspondence covering any products or suppliers discussed for your future reference.

Investment: $300 + GST

Client review: “I have loved working with Maria over the last few years, designing my dream home on our farm in North-west NSW. I am in regional NSW and have no access to someone coming out to the farm, so I just save up all my questions and we have a chat about my crazy ideas! Maria has always made herself available and it has been so beneficial to have someone to run my ideas past.

She is creative and honest and so easy to deal with. It was all done remotely, but she really got my vision for our house without even having to come on site. I have found her very professional and would definitely recommend her consultation service.” Belinda Ledingham