Reid residence. Interior design by Studio Black Interiors, Canberra Australia.

Floor plan reviews

Building or renovating is a big investment. When the design of your home is a set of architectural drawings, you have a precious window of opportunity to get it right.

Whether you’re still in the design phase, or about to start construction, I can review your floor plans so that every detail functions with your end goal in mind.

Subtle refinements at this stage of the process, can have a significant impact on your lifestyle, and the long-term value of your property.

When planning any interior space, you want it to aesthetically look good, but also be practical, functional, and conducive to everyday living.

  • Can improvements be made to the bathroom or kitchen layouts?
  • How will furniture work in the space?
  • Is there enough storage?
  • Is there good flow and access between rooms?

Small changes can make a big difference, so early planning is key.

Floor plans reviews include a set of written recommendations for you to share with your architect and/or building designer.