Interior styling for editorial

When renowned interior stylist, Julia Green of Green House Interiors, ran an intimate workshop on all things styling, I jumped at the chance to work with one of the best interiors stylists in the business.  From concept development, to sourcing and execution, these images are the result of an epic editorial photo shoot. Rock star shoot, rock star crew, rock start props!

Interior styling team:  Maria Cerne, Tamara Broman, Carmel Bertina, Lisa Kefford, Vikki Stuckey and Helen Grima.

Art Direction: Julia Green, Green House Interiors.

Photography: Stephanie Rooney.



“The moment you walked through my door, I could see you were going to be a team leader. I am so thrilled you attended our styling retreat, as your passion, determination, and sheer hard work shone bright. It is clear to me that you are a focused, talented stylist with a super bright future, and your business brain will hold you in good stead. I particularly enjoyed your contributions to our discussions around unique selling propositions for not only yourself, but for other team members present. It showed maturity, industry prowess and a high level of authenticity and integrity.

You were brilliant in action on day 2 on our set, and I think the learning curve was a big one for you. But I know you will apply all of it and more, so for that reason it would be my pleasure to ever referee for you on any future design based work, as I believe you have what it takes to go the distance. Wishing you all the very best Maria, and again, thanks for your effort and invaluable contributions.”

Julia Green, Interior Stylist, Green House Interiors


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